What is Yoga ?

What is Yoga

It is the ultimate Divine energy which unifies and exists as one in this vast universe. But in this busy life schedule, we humans have lost the state of oneness.

Thus the sufferings have highly increased and the pains have been more now. To resolve such typical issues in life, the experts greatly recommend performing Yoga exercises.

Yes, it is very much true that, with yoga practices, you can easily attain a state of spiritual transformation. Even it will be flexible for you to walk a path towards higher consciousness. Since ancient ages, the term ‘Yoga’ is being used in our society. It has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means union.

This is the reason, Why Yoga effectively ensure true happiness with a balanced mixture of energy, peace, awareness, and love.According to Bhagwad Gita, “Yogahkarmasukoshalam”, this means to give your best effort for the work.

If the humans will adopt a culture of yoga lifestyle, they can practically perform to their best capacity.

Again, they will stop regretting over the past events and will start living a free life. The next definition of yoga takes us to the term Consistency.

In Sanskrit, there is a proverb - “Satmatvam Yoga Uchyate”. This means yoga is the ultimate path to find harmony, peace, and stability. You can effectively ensure inner peace as well as personal Excellency with Yoga.

In Patanjali Yoga Sutras, yoga has been described as “ChittaVrittiNirodhah”. Mainly, these terms define that; yoga can greatly help the individuals in eliminating odd patterns in mind.

The irresistible anger, ego, emotion, and attitude are also easily controlled with yoga, thus calmness of mind is highly ensured.

But somewhere, the definition of yoga is being mis-interpreted in this modern lifestyle. People are now relating the physical exercises like jogging, sports, aerobics, acrobatics and others with yoga practices.

It is true that yoga includes physical exercises, but it doesn’t mean that Yoga is strictly abide to that. Apart from ensuring physical benefits, yoga also assures improved stamina, strength, physiological function, and vitality.

There is no need to confuse yoga with magical tricks, as nothing is magic here. It is the ultimate power of knowledge, bliss, harmony, beauty and ability to see yourself.

It is also true that, with yoga practices, you can ensure supernatural abilities like Telepathy and spiritual awakenings.

So, try to shape your lifestyles with yoga practices, and see the difference in no time.