what is Yoga

What is Yoga

About Yoga
* What is Yoga?
* Is This the only Exercising form or more than That!
* ideology or religion, philosophy?

Yoga means transportation toward to an experiential reality of life in which
person is therefore aware of this final nature of existence,
the manner it’s miles made.

The phrase “yoga” basically approach,
“that which brings you to truth.”

Yoga refers to union not as an concept,
or as philosophy in which you imbibe.

As an highbrow concept, if you vouch by way of
the commonness of the universe,

It can make you popular in a tea celebration,
it is able to give you a certain social repute,
but it does now not serve some other reason.

You may see, whilst matters come all the way down
to even cash it does no longer even have to boil all
the way down to lifestyles and death,
even for cash, “that is me, this is you.”


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