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Among the various reputed organizations for Best yoga teacher training in India, Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM), located in Rishikesh, has been the torchbearer of excellent yoga teacher training courses in India. Recently, AYM Yoga School has opened up its New Yoga Ashram in Goa. The Ashram facilitates training for different Types of yoga such as intensive yoga,
  • 500-hour yoga teacher training in India,
  • Yoga for beginners and Hatha Yoga with a diverse assortment of skilled Yoga trainers.

The sole vision of AYM yoga ashram in Goa is aligned with the integration of yoga and its relevant philosophy into the daily lives of people thereby creating a distinction from other Yoga schools in India that provide yoga training in India . We pride ourselves in conducting the best yoga teacher training in India through Our Own Yoga schools.

The Best Yoga Teacher Training Goa India

We assure to provide students with the opportunity to relish the yogic environment through enrollment in various Yoga Alliance certified yoga courses provided by us. Students would be able to relive the exact experience illustrated in the Vedas by some of the world’s ace yoga experts and masters at yoga classes in Goa.

Our services are also characterized by the provision of Yoga retreats and yoga vacation on a joint basis for a period of 1 or 2 weeks that are unique from the other Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course like 200 hour yoga teacher training in India and 300-hour yoga teacher training in India. We also strive to convey the knowledge of Ayurveda to students alongside assisting them in deep meditation practices that have a crucial role in improving mental and physical health.

About Association For Yoga and Meditation

History :

The Association for Yoga & Meditation found its roots in September 2005 at Rishikesh with a vision to become one of the premier yoga training schools. The primary motivation for establishing the institute proliferated from the prevalent lack of training facilities for traditional methods and postures of yoga in India.

The foundation of AYM was laid by Yogi Chetan Mahesh with the assistance of reputed yoga gurus and renowned yoga experts for addressing the lack of basic training facilities for yoga in India. AYM was established as a registered Organization in compliance with various Guidelines presented by the Government of India.

The notable highlights to be observed in AYM’s training approach is the intermixing of disciplines related to science and ancient yoga alongside the provision of training in yoga psychology, meditation and yoga philosophy. The school was able to garner recognition as a member of the International Yoga Federation (IYF) in 2005 which also marked the school as a national organization.

The standards followed by AYM in the training of students in yoga and meditation in India are compliant with the guidelines of IYF. Students are provided with the opportunity to register with Yoga Alliance USA and the IYF for obtaining higher certification for yoga practice in India.

Mission :

The AYM Yoga School in Goa started off with a vision to eradicate depression, anxiety, stress, personal and professional strife as well as diseases through practicing of traditional yoga and meditation. The training of students would involve simple and authentic routines that are based on the teachings derived from Vedas and Ancient scriptures which imply a focus on the yoga postures (asanas) and techniques for stress management, detoxification, pranayama and meditation.

AYM strives to provide an opportunity to students for firsthand experience with yoga techniques and to leverage a holistic approach to yoga training that can contribute to the coordination of happiness, harmony and health alongside obtaining a realization of inner self. AYM has the objective of improving human potential on various scales ranging from personal to spiritual aspects through expanding awareness of students in the different aspects of Yoga e.g. the emotional culture associated with Bhakti Yoga or the wisdom associated with Karma Yoga.

Activities :

The activities of AYM are intended to promote yoga training and improve its popularity through communicating the significance of traditional forms. Being a national organization for yoga training in India. AYM strives to establish and comply with novel benchmarks in yoga teacher training and development.



the most amazing 2 months of my life i spend it in this beautiful ashram, located in the beautiful Himalayas a little apart from the city and the noise but close enough to go a take a walk in the fun streets of Rishikesh. I am taking the 500 hrs and i am so happy with the curricula and the teachers, every day is a new discover a new knowledge, everyday surprise me more and more and make me feel that the path is long but amazing. The people here are always smiling and happy, this is not just a school this is home.

-Laura Mata

-500 hour Student


Far this has been one of the best experiences of life!! Aym is located in a beautiful place in the mountain, not so far away from the city, but long enough to find that peace of mind and a beautiful view to the mountain!! People are very friendly and the place is very cozy!! I learned a lot and has helped me to learn about their culture and customs!! I recommend it fully!!

-Katia Vergara