What is Chakras in Yoga and its benefit?


There are seven chakras in human body. These chakras are like the energy centers of the body. Activating these chakras develops incredible energy within the body. The person feels enthusiastic and motivated. However, these chakras remain in dormant state among all those who are not aware of the right ways to activate those. Yoga is like an explicit way to activate the chakras. In other words, chakras remain in dormant state among those who don’t practice yoga regularly.

Technically understanding chakra yoga:

7 Chakras yoga is the explicit way to make the chakras energized and function with perfection. It is the way to attain the highest level of consciousness possible for a common man. Technically, Chakra yoga is the practice where the person has to cleanse and energize the chakras of the body or the energy centers through different yoga poses and breathing techniques. It also includes the meditation.  It can be understood that one needs to attain the highest level of expertise in hatha yoga techniques first prior moving towards the Chakra yogas. Mastery Hatha yoga is essential as it bring the highest level of balance in the body.

Benefits of Chakra yoga:

Activating yoga chakras, you can thoroughly keep the energy points within the body in perfect harmony. Someone who has activated the seven chakras is supposed to be at the highest state of immunity possible for a human body. This is the state when the person’s body and mind function with perfect harmony. It is the state where the hormones secrete in a perfect fashion. Naturally, as the body and mind remains in perfect harmony, the person has to stay at its most uplifted state. The most difficult challenge possible on this earth, i.e. to control senses, emotions, desires, etc, can be attained to a great extent through regular practice of yoga chakras. In short, this brings a significant development in personality of the practitioner.

The intellect level of the person develops in a noteworthy fashion. You can discover yourself as a much better decision maker, who can take strong decisions and observe it without much of confusion. Ultimately, when the person has the perfectly functioning body with an incredible intellect level, he is said to be the happiest in the world. It’s not that the person doesn’t come across with problems; but he remains physically and mentally confident to successfully confront it.

Who should teach you chakara yoga?

Chakra meditation is not something you can learn through the videos or observing from any external source. It has to be practiced in thorough supervision of someone who has attained the highest level of yoga and meditation.

In other words, the person needs to be having highest level of theoretical and practical knowledge about yoga. Moreover, the person himself should be living a yogic lifestyle. You should make sure that the person has a noteworthy control over his anger and other emotions. A yoga trainer having expertise in chakra yoga can never be greedy or be involved with conspiracies.




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